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Do you dare?


Do you want a fun and adrenaline experience, where weather is not an obstacle?
Test yourself in the first Indoor Paintball in Slovenia. Welcome all enthusiasts of tactical games!

Hanging out with friends

Bring your gang to Indoor Paintball and try out which of you is the best shooter and who is the in tactic!

Birthdays and Parties

Organize an unforgettable party or celebrate your birthday! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!


A tactical and adrenaline game perfectly improve team spirit. Only the boss should be careful not to become the main target 😉

Bachelor&Bachelorette Party

Planning bachelor or bachelorette party? It's a demanding task, but with us you can't miss it! Adrenaline guaranteed!



041 567 807


We offer several different packages that differ in terms of duration and number of bullets.
We have special packages for birthdays parties and for students!

The price list is for groups of at least 6 people.
In the case of a smaller group, the price is charged for 6 people.

Duration 120 minutes

  • 30 EUR / person
  • 350 bullets
  • min. 6 or more people

Duration 90 minutes

  • 24 EUR / person
  • 250 bullets
  • min. 6 or more people

Kids' Birthday Party 75 minutes

  • 18 EUR / person
  • 180 bullets
  • Paintball 75 min + 45 min private room
  • min. 6 or more people

Students 75 minutes

  • 18 EUR / person
  • 180 bullets
  • min. 6 or more people





Weather does not limits your socializing
because game takes place indoor.


We are not limited by the outside light,
so you can play the game at day or night.


Special effects for an even better experience
fog, lasers ...

the best location

Easy access by car or city bus.

We require prior announcement and booking due to high demand.



The polygon is set up as tactically as possible. When planning the installation, we were assisted by members of the Slovenian Armed Forces, special police units and professional paintball players from abroad. The layout is made so that through the game you can create several different tactics of attack and defense. The advantage over the outside of the polygons is that the terrain is flat and thus much more secure for quick tactical moves. Much more diversified barriers and the prevention of shooting on the far (base to base) ...